Spring may be right around the corner, but places all over the US are still experiencing snowy, icy conditions. Water is your asphalt driveway’s arch nemesis. Snow and ice do not help much either. As water freezes, it expands and causes your driveway to crack and heave. We have all seen ads for snow removal services. But will snow blowing or shoveling ruin your driveway? The answer is more loaded than you may realize.

Anatomy of a Shovel

Show shovels are one of the cheapest options available for snow removal. Unlike snow blowers, which may cost a couple hundred dollars or more, snow shovels cost from $20 to $50. Snow shovels come in all shapes and sizes, with some models even offering ergo-metric designs. While some of the more expensive shovels may pull out all the bells and whistles, all you really need is a simple wood handle plastic shovel. The metal lip often seen on pricier shovels actually can damage your driveway’s surface. If you used a sealant on your driveway, a metal tipped shovel can scrape it away or gouge parts. Doing this will defeat the protective barrier created by the sealant and allow water to penetrate the surface of your asphalt. Using the right shovel can help ensure you avoid damaging your protective seal coating while removing snow. Additionally, run  your shovel across your asphalt and do not dig into it. Digging down in a sharp motion can chip away.


Snow Blowing No-No’s

Snow blowers make life with snow much easier. No more back-breaking shoveling with the use of a snow blower. But, as with the snow shovel, the metal rim of the snow blower can be damaging. Unlike the snow shovel, which only has your weight behind it, the snow blower is much heavier. Buying a protective rubber blade for your snow blower is a must if you want to keep your driveway damage free this winter.


Rock Salt

Some people use rock salt to pre-treat icy driveways before shoveling. While it can help thaw ice quickly, it can erode the surface of your driveway as well. Rock salt breaks down as the ice becomes water. This process turn the melting ice water into a salty brew that can corrode your driveway from the inside out as it seeps into the asphalt’s pores.



Snow blowing or shoveling is unavoidable for many of us. Can snow blowing or shoveling ruin your driveway? Yes, it is possible. However, using the right tools can help limit potential damages.

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