When thinking about sealcoat applications many different people use different tools and techniques.  Some people use brushes or squeegees and others use a spraying applicator.  You have to take into account different factors when thinking about which application would work best for you and which is most beneficial to what you expect out of your driveway seal.

The size of your property is the first thing you have to think about.  If you have an area that is larger than 2000 square feet, it is going to be more cost effective to use a spray sealer.  Commercial properties would benefit from using a spraying application because of the large area they have to cover.  Residential properties are much smaller in size and homeowners have to think about other factors besides cost, like the physical appearance and length of time for a seal to last.  Something to be cautious about with spray sealers is that there is a higher possibility for the sealer to be sprayed on other things besides the driveway.  There is a distance between the spray hose and the driveway which allows factors like air and wind to move the sealer to spread to the house, grass, garage doors and other areas that surround your driveway.  Something else to take into account is that a spraying application can leave you to have an uneven coat by spraying certain areas more often than others.  The hose that is used for a spray application uses a nozzle that needs the sealer to be watered down in order to use without clogging.  The diluted sealer make companies use multiple coats with the spray which takes much longer to seal your area.  The spray seal also seals the driveway with a thin layer leaving the home or business owner to seal their asphalt more often which can be very expensive in the long haul.

Homeowners not only want to make sure that they take care of their home but they care about the physical appearance of it.  A brush or squeegee is the better application tool to create a beautiful, clean job for their driveway sealing because it gives the technician more control over the sealer to not spread to other parts of the house.  The sealer is a thick consistency that doesn’t have to be diluted with water and can be applied in one quick neat layer that will last for multiple years before having to re-seal.  Many times asphalt driveways have tiny cracks in them that homeowners want fixed.  A spray sealer is too thin for it to fill those cracks.  Using the brush or squeegee along with the thick sealer to fill in those tiny cracks leaves your driveway to look almost like new.  This thick seal application with a brush or squeegee allows your driveway to last longer before you have to think about a re-seal which then saves you money.  For more information about what your local driveway sealing companies use go to JustSealMyDriveway.com and fill out a quote.

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