Your driveway is one of the first things people see when they drive up to your house. Sealing it can extend its lifespan saving you money, making it look better, and decreasing the likelihood of staining. This adds value to your home and saves you money. This is especially true for asphalt driveways which can breakdown faster if they’re not sealed. It’s important to seal your driveway every two to five years to keep it in tiptop condition. Make sure you fix any cracks before sealing your driveway. Always have a professional seal your driveway instead of trying to do it yourself. Mistakes are easy to make and the repairs will cost you more than it’s worth. The cleanup can also be very messy, and a pain to deal with. Unfortunately you can’t seal your driveway year-round in most parts of the country. We’ll guide you through how to decide when the best time is to seal your driveway for where you live.


You ideally want to have a consistent temperature when you seal your driveway. The temperature should be above 50 degrees Fahrenheit and no more than around 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You want to stay away from sealing during high temperatures because it can create dangerous and unhealthy working conditions. Hot asphalt will trap the heat during hot and sunny days, which intensifies the heat for the workers. The temperature needs to be consistent for around 48 to 72 hours in order for the seal to bond with the driveway. Your local weather report should help you find the right set of days.


Obviously temperature is a factor as far as seasons but there is more to it than just that. You can’t have any snow or rain, because it can affect the sealing process. If this happens you’re going to need to go through the sealing process a second time. Ideally you want to get your driveway sealed between May and October as the weather is generally better then, but always refer to the weather forecast for the specific days.

There are some parts of the country where the weather is consistent throughout the majority of the year, and these guidelines might not be necessary. For the majority of the country this should help you pick the perfect time to get your driveway sealed in order to have optimal results.

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