After getting a driveway seal you may wonder “when is the next time I should seal my driveway?”.  One year is too often to have your driveway sealed. Between the span of 2-3 years is roughly how long you should wait to get your driveway sealed. If you get a seal too often it can lead to build up which leads to peeling and cracking which is not healthy for your driveway.  It all depends on the area you live in, the color, and appearance of the driveway.  These will be indicators that help you determine when your driveway is ready to be re-sealed.

There is no way of avoiding reseals to a driveway because the moment a seal is put down oxidation starts to slowly occur caused by the sun.  It wares the seal away exposing your driveway to further damage from weather conditions and possible scraping from shovels or snow plows.  If you live in an area that has a warm climate that doesn’t drastically change then the seal is going to last longer than if you lived in an area that doesn’t.  If the weather changes for the season there may be more damage to the driveway and you may need to get a reseal sooner.

The look of your driveway will also give you a clue whether your reseal should be done sooner rather than later.  Something to be aware of is after a year you may see some hair line cracks.  This is absolutely normal and should not be taken as a sign to fix or reseal right away.  Resealing or patching up the crack will not stop it from occurring in fact it will cause the cracks to happen quicker.  If after a year or two you see your driveway becoming grey in color with several small tiny cracks then it would be beneficial to you to get your reseal so that you can slow the damage and larger cracks appearing. Any other further questions can be directed to

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