Many home and business owners are under the impression and stressed that they need to seal their new asphalt driveway right away.  Take a deep breath and relax, there is no need to rush into sealing your driveway immediately.  In fact, we recommend waiting a minimum of a year to two years after you have gotten your driveway done no matter where you live in the United States.

One of the biggest reasons why it’s recommended to wait at least a year is because asphalt driveways are made with oil and they need enough time to dry out and harden.  The way the oil dries is by being exposed to air and sun for enough time for the oil to dry out.  Most driveways sealers are water based.  If there is not enough time allotted for the driveway to dry then the sealer cannot stick properly to the driveway which can then lead to damages like flaking and cracks in a brand new driveway.  Once the oil has fully dried, the water based sealer can stick onto the asphalt without any damage.

Some precautions during the year you wait is to make extra special care that cars that are on the driveway are not leaking oil.  If they do, the oil that leaks onto the asphalt will then soak into the driveway.  There is a possibility of tire scuff marks that can be left of your driveway if you drive on the asphalt.

A way for you to see whether your driveway is ready or not is to see how water reacts on the driveway.  If you see the water bead up like the picture below, your driveway needs more time for the oil to dry.  If the water spreads out and soaks into the asphalt then it is ready for a seal to protect the driveway from further damage.  Another way is the color of the driveway, you’ll see that it has turned grey which will be an indicator they it could be ready to seal.

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