Seal coating your asphalt has several benefits. Depending on the environment and use of the asphalt, it should be sealed every one to three years. If the stones that comprise the asphalt are showing, it is time to reseal. Below are five of the top ways seal coating can save you money when it comes to your asphalt driveway.

  1. Seal coating your driveway as part of your routine maintenance can save you money in the end. Applying at least one coating every one to three years prolongs the life of your asphalt in general. By applying sealant, you help to fill crevices that can allow weeds or insects to cause cracking. Filler alone will not correct this issue. Sealant provides a second skin for your asphalt. It deprives weeds and insects of oxygen and can prevent them from wreaking havoc on your asphalt. Repaving asphalt can be costly but should be seriously considered once a driveway is beyond routine care or patching.
  2. Sealing your asphalt provides a protective layer for your driveway. It prevents dirt, fluids and weather from causing your asphalt to deteriorate. As asphalt ages, it leaves voids in which dirt and fluids can sit. As the weather grows colder, water can cause serious damage. As it freezes, water turns to ice and expands. This can turn a hairline seam to rupture into much deeper, serious fissures. As with weeds and ants, these cracks can take a small issue and turn it into an expensive one.
  3. Seal coating under ideal circumstances will help prolong the life of the sealant. Seal coating should be applied to asphalt that has been cleaned. Removing previous dirt and debris allows the sealant to adhere directly to the asphalt, reducing the likelihood of it cracking of peeling due to contaminant coming between the product and your driveway. Additionally, it should be at least 50 degrees outside during the application and for the next 8 hours. The sealant should not encounter rain or water for at least 48 hours after being applied to the asphalt as well. If these factors are taken into consideration while seal coating, it will help reduce the time needed between reapplications of the sealant.
  4. Sealing asphalt keeps the asphalt looking and acting like new. This increases its curb appeal and property value.
  5. Regular applications of sealant reduce overall maintenance. Owners can spend less time trying to correct issues with their asphalt if they maintain it up front. Seal coating can prevent many of the above issues from the start. Overtime, even the best-protected asphalt will need repairs. However, applying a seal coating can reduce wear and tear and the damages it can cause.

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