Our driveways are the primary entrance to our homes. As such, they carry some of the heaviest loads. Cars, delivery trucks, pedestrians and other modes of transportation all approach on the surface our driveway provides them. They also stand up to the elements and any chemicals that we use or wash onto their surfaces. This includes de-icers and any pesticides used on the surrounding lawn. Applying seal coating to your asphalt driveway is beneficial. Below are several of the benefits to sealing your asphalt.

  1. Water is your asphalt’s enemy. It is the biggest degrader when it comes to your driveway. Sealing your driveway fills many of the crevices that naturally occur between the individual stones’ asphalt is composed of. If left unsealed, water seeps into even the smallest pores in your asphalt and speeds up it’s degradation.
  2. The sun is the next biggest threat to your asphalt. The sun causes oxidation; it results in the evaporation and drying out of the binders that hold your asphalt together. As the sun beats down on your asphalt, the rays slowly erode it’s stability. Asphalt sealant contains UV protectants that help to slow this process substantially.
  3. A properly maintained driveway keeps your asphalt functional for twice as long one left to the elements. This includes applying seal coating every one to three years (depending on use). If you can see the individual stone colors contained in your asphalt, it is time to seal your driveway. Seal coating helps to prevent cracking. If a crack does occur, a properly applied patch can be covered with seal coating after six months. This can slow or outright prevent further cracking from occurring.
  4. Because it prevents water and sun damage from wreaking havoc, sealing your asphalt can actually save you money in the end. By applying a seal coat when needed, you reduce the likelihood of having to repave your driveway. Once your driveway is beyond the help of a simple coat or two of seal coating, you are looking at a much more expensive repair situation. When the cracks in asphalt resemble that of alligator skin, repaving may be the only solution. This can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.
  5. Not only will seal coating help to prevent major repairs and save you money, it can increase your home’s value as well. A nice black finish on your asphalt increases curb appeal and, if you are looking to sell, the overall value of the property.

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