You might be surprised, but your five year old offers some sage advice sometimes. Even at a young age, we learn valuable life lessons. Below are some pointers your five year old has for you when it comes to sealing your driveway.

“Color inside the Lines”

You five year old knows how important it is to stay within the lines when coloring. Scribbling outside the boarders can get you a frowny sticker in class and make your picture look sloppy. The same is true when it comes to sealing your driveway. Accidentally spraying, splattering or spilling sealant outside the edges of your driveway looks horrible and cheaply done. You may not be coloring for a gold star in class, but a sloppy, poorly maintained driveway decreases the value of your home. In addition to this, the excess products can end up killing the grass around your driveway or staining your walkway pavers.

“Follow the Directions”

Your five year old also understands the importance of following directions. From the directions their teacher give them to the ones at home, your child knows that not listening has consequences. You will not have to sit in a time out or skip dessert, but not following the directions on your sealant can cause problems. The instructions on your sealant will tell you how to apply it, how long to wait before using your driveway, and how long to wait before reapplication. All three instructions are very important. You want to apply an even coat of sealant on your driveway. The application method on your sealant will be the best way to achieve that. Additionally, it is vital that you allow your driveway adequate drying time. Walking across your driveway before it is ready can track wet sealant into places it should not go. Removing an oil-based sealant from your carpet is not an easy task. Additionally, driving your car and parking it on a newly sealed driveway before it has dried can cause issues that are more serious. Leaving track marks, ripping up patched areas, and causing your tires to stick to the driveway are all possible. Typically, a sealant should be applied every one to three years. The instructions on your sealant can tell you when you should plan to apply your next coat.

“If You Don’t Understand, Ask a Teacher”

Your five year old knows to ask the teacher for help if they do not understand something. Similarly, if you do not understand the directions on your sealant, call the manufacture and ask for clarity. If you are physically unable to seal your driveway or just do not have the time to do it properly, asking for help is ok. Professionals can help with more than just sealing. If you need repairs, crack filler or even repaving, a professional is just a call away.


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