Installing an asphalt driveway enhances your home’s curb appeal and value. Maintaining it is vital to preserving your investment. However, after 30 years or poor maintenance, you may need to repair or repave your driveway. To do this, you will need to hire a professional paving company. Do not fall for scams. Below are the five most important things you should ask a company before allowing them to repave your driveway.

  1. Are you licensed and insured?

In most states, a professional contractor is required to have an active license, issued by either the state, city or county in which they work. In addition to this, the contractor should also carry liability insurance to protect your property from damages. If they have employees, the contractor should also carry workers compensation insurance.


  1. Do you have the right equipment and staff?

A true professional should have all of the equipment needed to get the job done right. In addition to this, they should have the right crew. For most jobs, a professional will have a crew of six to eight workers. They will work efficiently, but safely, to ensure your driveway is installed correctly and in a timely manner.


  1. Can you provide an estimate and contract?

Most companies offer free estimates. However, regardless of if the estimate is free or not, it should be exact. An accurate, exact quote lets you know precisely what you are going to pay. In addition to this, they should willingly provide a contract document. This contract should include everything, from the scope of the work to the price and any guarantees or warranties. (Also, please note, a reputable company will never require a down payment! Deposits are red flags when it comes to paving professionals. If someone asks for a down payment, you should strongly consider other companies instead.)


  1. Can you provide references?

A good company will have plenty of references available. After all, happy customers will want to show off their work just as much as they do. A reputable company will have these references available for you.


  1. Do you have the right materials and knowledge?

Not all asphalt is the same. There are actually many different grades of asphalt on the market. For a long-lasting driveway, you want the highest quality materials you can afford. A reputable professional should not offer you low-grade asphalt. Additionally, a professional should understand the entire pavement process. This includes the right way to build a foundation layer, as well as the best techniques to use for installing your driveway. They should also clearly understand how to best establish a drainage field for runoff water.


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