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Want a Driveway that is Everlasting? Consider Sealcoating Your Driveway 

Driveways have a lifespan, just as all things do. For many decades, driveways did not reach their full potential in their ability to maintain their appearance. This was due to driveways refraining from what once was unavoidable damage from elements such as UV rays, weather, cracking, and staining. Luckily, our sealcoating methods here in Linden, NJ, 07036 have solved this problem, allowing driveways to maximize their potential. We want the best for our customers and realize the effort, time, and money spent to pave your driveway. We want to ensure that if you choose to seal coat your driveway with us, it will be well worth the money saved on no longer having to maintain or repave your driveway! 

The logic behind seal coating driveways 

Our logic behind seal coating driveways comes from our expertise in wanting your driveway to continue to look brand new by avoiding weather damage, cracks, and oil tarnish. Since driveways consist of multiple layers on top of a rock and dirt base, they commonly can crack. However, by adding a seal coating to your driveway through our company located in Linden, NJ, we will add a protective layer to the top of your driveway. This is a quick and easy process done by our professionals and provides you with many benefits. Not only will this protective layer add shine to your driveway, which keeps it looking fresh and new, but it also will protect your driveway in more ways than one. 

This layer can seal the asphalt or cement strongly which does not allow for the cracking process to start. This seal coat layer also does not let staining seep through to the driveway, which causes permanent staining. Instead, the oil and dirt that can seep into your driveway, sits on top of this protective layer and can be cleaned off. In addition, the UV rays can no longer penetrate and cause damage to your beautiful driveway or create damage through varying weather conditions. Snow melts off this protective layer of seal coating at a much quicker rate, which is wonderful for our weather conditions here in Linden, NJ, and saves the homeowner time and money. 


How does our seal coating process work? 

Our company would love to take a look at your driveway to determine its condition and whether or not it would be most beneficial to repave your driveway before adding our seal coating. The process of seal coating is done efficiently by our experienced workers and is dependent upon the initial damage that has been done to your driveway. 

If your driveway is insufficient condition, our team will clean it thoroughly before adding our seal coating. Our seal coating is a quick process done by either a spray or brush technique. Once this layer is applied, it needs time to dry before being driven or walked on to ensure a beautiful driveway.

This layer of added protection on your old or new driveway will be well worth the investment and will save you time, money, and hassle in the long run. 

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