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Driveway Sealing In Bridgewater, NJ

Learn how Bridgewater, NJ residents are keeping their driveways in mint condition

Ever wonder how your neighbors manage to keep their driveways looking great while yours shows wear and tear from years of cold New Jersey winters and hot New Jersey summers?

Well, there’s a reason why you see so many driveways in Bridgewater looking as good as new: They have their driveways sealed and repaired by expert pavers.

Sealing and repairing driveways doesn’t just make them look great, it also prevents damage to the asphalt or concrete underneath. Paving specialists can recommend the best type of material for your driveway and seal cracks, spalling (i.e., pieces breaking off), and other flaws.

How does driveway sealing work?

Driveway sealing with asphalt or acrylic sealant is a two-step process. The first step involves cleaning the surface of your driveway thoroughly before applying the coating, which may be black (for driveways that are not exposed to heavy traffic), clear (the most common type for residential applications), or dyed black/gray depending on what looks best for your driveway.

The second step involves coating the entire driveway with sealant and allowing it to dry completely before traffic can drive on it again (24 hours for clear coatings, two days or longer for dyed ones). Driveway sealing is a cost-effective way of protecting your asphalt or concrete from damage that results from weather conditions like sun exposure, rain, and snow.

Once your driveway is sealed, you should be able to drive on it within 48 hours. This means you can get back to using it quickly, knowing it will last much longer.

Why do driveways matter? 

Driveways are exposed to the elements throughout the year so it is important that they be sealed and repaired in order to prevent cracks, spalling, potholes, water seepage into concrete or asphalt surfaces beneath, dirt build-up in crevices, discoloration due to algae growth, and other problems that can result in costly repairs.

Remember: Driveway sealing should be done every three to five years at a minimum. If a visual inspection of your driveways doesn’t reveal any problems, you may be able to go even longer without sealing them, but this depends on the individual driveway’s condition and the quality of workmanship that went into your original sealing and repair work.

Who needs driveway repair?

Anyone with a residential or commercial property that has asphalt or concrete driveway should consider having it sealed and repaired by Just Seal My Driveway as soon as possible before damage becomes too extensive. The long-term consequences of driveway damage include expensive and time-consuming repairs that can be prevented with just one visit to our website or a phone call.

I live in Bridgewater … can you help fix my driveway?

If you live in the 07920 ZIP code and want to get your driveway repaired or sealed by a professional company, call Just Seal My Driveway at 732-321-3699 or visit https://justsealmydriveway.com/. Our team of experts is standing by to work with you on a repair plan that will keep your driveway in great shape for whatever the future throws at it.


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