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How To Seal Your Driveway

Driveway seal coating provides many benefits for your pavement, preserves it from the harshness of mother nature and everyday usage. JustSealMyDriveway in Helmetta, NJ 08828 created this article to tell you how the process works from start to finish. Keep in mind, while we are explaining to you how to seal your driveway, it is always recommended to consult a professional. 

What Is Driveway Seal Coating? 

Driveway seal coating is the process of applying liquified refined coal tar on top of your existing driveway. Seal coating can be applied onto brick, concrete, and asphalt driveways to create a protective barrier. 

Seal coating a driveway prevents cracks, potholes, sun damage, oil and gasoline stains, and will help melt ice or snow away faster. 

Driveway Prep

Before beginning driveway seal coating, you must prep your pavement. Start by cutting grass and trimming up all grass around the driveway. Next, pressure wash the driveway, cleaning off all the built-up dirt and grime. Lastly, fill in any holes that may need patching before sealing.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions are crucial for successfully seal coating a driveway. Perfect conditions would be bright, sunny, and with temperatures at a minimum of 50 degrees Fahrenheit for at least two days after application.

Block Off Your Driveway

Before beginning the project, you want to rope off your driveway with cones or tape to prevent usage before your driveway seal coat is set and ready for use. 

Start With Borders

Just like painting a room inside your home, you want to start with the edges before doing center work. Take a paintbrush and work the sealant around the edges. Ensure you work the liquid into all the nooks and crannies to get full coverage. 

Conquer The Center

Take the bucket of seal coating, pour it onto your pavement. Be careful not to splatter the sealant on unwanted surfaces. After you have your sealant poured, grab a mop brush, piece of plywood, large scraper, or wood piece to work the driveway seal coating around the surface area. After the first coat is applied, use your judgment to decide if a second coat is necessary. 

Keep Your Distance

After applying seal coating, it is crucial to keep vehicles and foot traffic off the area for at least 48 hours to allow the seal coating to dry completely. 

Wrap It Up

Driveway sealing is exceptionally beneficial at protecting your driveways and saving you significant money in the long run. While applying seal coating to a driveway may seem simple, it is a lot of work and, if not done correctly, can be a complete waste of your time and money. We like our clients to know what the seal coating process entails, yet; we always recommend seeking professional help when the time comes for driveway sealing. 


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