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Driveway Sealing In Michigan

Driveway Repair and Maintenance in Michigan

Driveways also experience wear and tear, especially when used for many years. Sometimes it is because of the weight of the vehicles driven over them. But many driveways crack because of natural elements such as hail, snow, sun, and ice. 

When to resurface your driveway

One of the best ways to add a new look to your home is resurfacing your driveway. While doing this can instill beauty, resurfacing your asphalt can also act as a welcome respite for your home. 

There are a lot of reasons why people want to have their driveway resurfaced. One of them is the color fade. Others want to bring a new look to their asphalt. If your driveway has flaking or any other damage, it is time to resurface it. One of the fascinating things about resurfacing is that you don’t need to tear out the entire driveway. 

What is driveway seal coating?

Driveway seal coating is adding a coating membrane on the top of your asphalt to protect the concrete from damages caused by sun, snow, or ice. 

Doing seal coating doesn’t have to be more than a week affair. Only dry weather and more than 50 degrees F of temperature is required. 

Sealcoating has become a rite of passage for most businesses and homes. This is especially true during the colder months, where sealing can protect damages of freezing, salts, and road chemicals. 

How often to seal-coat

Sealcoating is applied once a year after the initial driveway has been constructed. Then you will have to apply seal coating every 2-3 years. 

How to maintain the sealed surface

Taking care of your sealed surface is simple. And this is especially true if it is sealed with a professional sealer, who makes the surface less porous. Basic maintenance includes sweeping and removing debris and any particles from it. 

Let’s help create a beautiful space!

At JustSealMyDriveway.com, our aim when it comes to full-service driveway repair and resurfacing is to make your life easier. Backed by years of experience, we will provide you with everything you want-period. 

As a completely mobile company, we are available all around Michigan and surrounding areas to fix your asphalt issues in real-time. No matter the grave, you can count on us for help. 

Call us on 732-321-3699 or visit our website page JustSealMyDriveway.com to get your driveway estimate now. We are happy to hear from you. 


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