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Driveway Sealing In Union, NJ

Live in Union Township? Consider having your driveway sealed ASAP

If you own a home or business in Union Township, chances are you haven’t thought about your driveway in a while.  After all, it’s just a piece of asphalt that people drive on, right? But driveways matter, and here’s why:

As time goes on, cracks in the asphalt can develop. Water gets into these cracks and freezes, expanding and putting a lot of pressure on the asphalt. This causes them to become even larger, which can lead to serious damage.

Another thing that can happen is that the waterproofing sealant we put down in our sealing process breaks down. This then allows water to seep into the crack and also freeze and expand, just like before.

In order to avoid this from happening, it’s important that you get your driveway sealed regularly. If you haven’t invested in this important maintenance process, now’s the time to consider it.

What is driveway sealing?

As we mentioned above, driveway sealing is a process that aims to prevent water and ice from causing cracks in the asphalt. How does it work? 

The first step is to clean the driveway. Then, a waterproofing sealant will be put down on top of it in order to provide protection from water damage. This barrier can last anywhere between five and seven years if done properly!

Once applied, it will take one to two days for the coating to dry, after which time you’ll be able to drive on it again.

How can I find out if I need my drive sealed?

There are a few ways to tell:  first, take a look at the cracks on your driveway. If they seem wider or deeper than usual, it may be time to consider getting them filled with an acrylic sealant coating. The other way is to listen closely – does water drip from areas of your basement roof that never used to before? This could also be another sign that it’s finally time for some professional intervention!

Is driveway sealing worth the investment?  

Absolutely!  It may seem like a lot of money to invest at first, but the truth is that you’ll be saving yourself an even larger sum in the long run if you do. Sealing your driveway ensures that water doesn’t get into cracks and expand over time, which means it won’t have to be fixed quite as often. This will translate into significant savings for homeowners on maintenance costs down the road. And don’t forget about winter – by ensuring that ice doesn’t damage your asphalt surface, you can avoid pricey repairs later on when spring comes around again!

I live in Union Township – can you fix my driveway?

Absolutely! If you live in the 07033 ZIP code, we can definitely help you out. For more information on the services that expert pavers offer, use this link https://justsealmydriveway.com/ or call 732-321-3699. Our team is standing by and looks forward to working with you to get your driveway into pristine condition.


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