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Driveway Sealing In Orange County, CA

Asphalt coating consists of stones and fine sand that, over time, oxidize from exposure to the sun, motor leaks, and household chemicals. How often you use seal coating will depend on the traffic of the surface and the climate that the driveway is in. The members of JustSealMyDriveway in Orange County can help you understand the driveway sealing options available to you. 

An asphalt surface should be seal coated when the asphalt bitumen, which usually is black, has turned gray. Over time, surfaces will break down from factors like wear and tear, heat, and precipitation. In places like Anaheim and Buena Park, sun exposure will also play a part in the breakdown of driveway coating.

Here’s a short overview of the types of asphalt coating that may be available to you. 

Slurry Seal Coating

A slurry seal coat is a combination of fine sand, water, and asphalt emulsion. This seal coat is perfect for locations that withstand only mild wear and tear, such as roads within small communities, parking lots, and residential driveways. This option also replenishes oil and produces a wearing layer. 

Chip Seal Coating

Chip and seal coating is a method of applying layers of aggregate rock and asphalt sealing to build up the depth of an asphalt driveway. This coating is ideal for driveways as they are in desperate need of repair and maintenance. 

Fog Seal Coating

Fog seal coating consists of spraying a fine mist of emulsified asphalt bitumen on a blacktop driveway. The emulsifier suspends the asphalt bitumen in a liquid state without adding extra heat to the solution. This process works well on large driveway projects because it is quick to seal coat a surface. 

How often you have seal coating applied will depend on many factors, but you should plan on every three to six years as a general rule. Let the professionals at JustSealMyDriveway help you decide when you should consider seal coating your driveway.

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