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Driveway Sealing In Phoenix, AZ

Driveway sealing adds a layer of protection to concrete, asphalt, and other surfaces that protect against the damages of oil, sun, and other elements. Hiring a professional from the JustSealMyDriveway network in Phoenix, AZ, will help you get off on the right foot for seal coating your driveway. But did you know that there is prep work you can take care of before the driveway sealing takes place?

Here are several practical measures you can take before the seal coating team arrives. This will make everything go smoother and help prepare for the process to take place.  

  1. Mow your lawn. It’s imperative to edge around your driveway and cut your grass before the team from JustSealMyDriveway arrives. This includes removing grass and weeds that may have grown through cracks and holes in the driveway. Also, take time to blow away yard clippings off the driveway the day before seal coating occurs. 
  2. Remove dirt, grime, and grease. Use a general degreaser and a pressure washer or hose to clean the driveway thoroughly. While the seal coating contractor may provide this service, doing it yourself will allow adequate time for the water to dry on the driveway. This can assist in the seal coating process moving quickly. 
  3. Eliminate grease stains caused by oil and gas. These spots can repel or cause discoloration in your new asphalt sealing. Use a specialized cleaner and a stiff bristle brush that is made for removing stains. Then, rinse off the entire driveway and allow it to dry.

Also, remember to remove vehicles, equipment, toys, tools, and any other items that may have been left in your driveway before the asphalt sealing team arrives. Refrain from placing these items back again until after the driveway has time to cure. 

From Glendale to Peoria, JustSealMy Driveway can make the process of driveway sealing a positive and pleasant experience. By completing prep work, you can help make it go much smoother!

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