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At JustSealMyDriveway.com, we want to help homeowners protect their investment. We know replacing a driveway is expensive. Our company goal is to do more than improving the durability of your existing driveway, we also want it to beautify your home and landscaping. 

We understand your driveway is the entrance to your home and you want it to look its best. 

Sealing your asphalt paving comes with multiple benefits that extend beyond prolonging the life of your driveway. The sealant helps keep the asphalt black. You don’t have to worry about your driveway looking grey and dull after a few seasons. We know how rough summers and winters are on asphalt pavement, and our seal coating will keep it looking like it was freshly laid. 

Applying a sealant also has winter benefits. We can minimize the time you spend shoveling ice and snow off of your driveway. Our sealant speeds of the melting process shortening the amount of time you spend outside, it also improves safety. When snow and ice melt faster, you are less likely to slip and fall. 

JustSealMyDriveway.com is located throughout the United States. We are familiar with all types of weather from hot summers to frigid winters. We know the toll our weather can take on an asphalt driveway, which is why our sealant can protect your paving from the heat and cold. 

Whether your driveway is brand new or a few years old, it’s never too late to start protecting it. Contact us via phone or email and let us know how we can help you.

You get many benefits from sealing your driveway!

  • Extends The Life, Protecting Your Investment Slows the Aging Process Improves Durability


  • Protects From Oxidation, UV, Salt, Oil and Chemicals


  • Protects against water penetration Rain, Frost and Snow damage


  • General Beatification of your home and landscape

Why Seal?

Why Seal Coat?

When harsh winters and constant weather changes begin to take their toll on asphalt driveways, your property’s appearance suffers. Worse yet, it shortens the service life of your driveway.

Why Asphalt Pavement Fails
The number one reason why asphalt driveways start to fail is the penetration of water into the asphalt base. This happens when the driveway pavement surface oxidizes, causing the asphalt to dry and become brittle. Erosion of the top layer of fine particles follows, revealing larger stones and small cracks.

If left untreated, the driveway cracks will grow over time, eventually allowing water to penetrate to the base of the pavement. Water entering this base material settles and leads to further driveway cracking and an “alligator appearance.” Once pavement reaches this stage, removal and replacement is your only option.

Sealcoating: Your Best Protection
Sealcoating seals the asphalt pavement, which prevents oxidation and top layer erosion. Driveway sealers replace the fine particles that have been lost on older asphalt driveways. The process also seals small fissures before they turn into large driveway cracks, and prevents water from seeping to the base material.

In addition, driveway sealers protect asphalt from the harmful effects of the sun and chemical spills such as oil and gasoline. The attractive black surface provided by driveway sealcoating is easily cleaned, and ideal for painting parking lot lines and other markers. Finally, sealcoating costs pennies a square foot compared to the dollars needed to repair or replace damaged asphalt driveways.


Sealcoating protects and prolongs the life expectancy of asphalt pavement


Sealcoating accelerates the melting process of snow and ice on pavement surfaces


It Keeps Asphalt Black

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